Online HR Tools & HR Resources

ERC Members have access to myERC, a private online portal full of resources.

Access sample handbooks, custom job description tools, compliance information, sample policies and more.

Organizations who participate in ERC Membership have access to a powerful online portal filled with valuable HR resources called myERC.

Within myERC, ERC members can easily:

  • Contact the HR Help Desk
  • Connect with other ERC members
  • Access ERC wage and salary surveys
  • Manage their membership account and subscriptions


Contact ERC to Learn More 

Contact us to learn about the HR resources available to ERC Member organizations.

What HR tools and resources are available within myERC?

myERC allows ERC Members to access their entire membership in one place. It provides the latest employment news and information on a variety of HR topics including compliance, job descriptions, sample policies, survey data, networking events, and more.

HR Policy Handbook

Located within answersNow, this is an easy-to-use reference for creating and maintaining HR Policies and procedures with sample documents for every section of your handbook.

Custom Job Descriptions

The portal includes a virtual library of thousands of job descriptions. Simply search by keywords, customize the job description, and save it for future use.

Sample Forms

An extensive collection of federal reporting forms including hiring and labor relations forms, wage and hour forms, tax forms and employee leave forms.

HR News and Alerts

Receive daily email alerts providing updates on important HR trends and issues affecting employers.