Membership Pricing

Membership Pricing

Annual dues are based on the number of your organization’s full-time equivalent employees who work at the location(s) where ERC member services will be used.

Number of Employees For-Profit Organization Non-Profit Organization
1-25 employees $535 / year $405 / year
26-149 employees $710 / year $510 / year
150+ employees $4.75 / employee
per year ($4,750 maximum)
$3.65 / employee
per year ($3,370 maximum)

New members are charged a one-time $150 first year setup fee.

New Member Onboarding Experience

New members receive an incredible onboarding experience designed to help you and your team take full advantage of the benefits and resources that membership provides. This includes an in-person visit from your designated Membership Manager, access to ERC’s “Membership 101” guide, and a monthly “how-to” email series about ERC member resources.

First Year Setup Fee

You’ll be charged a one-time fee of $150 at the time you apply for ERC membership. This fee covers everything you’ll need to hit the ground running with ERC membership, including setup of your account and new users, access to all currently published ERC Wage & Salary Surveys, plus the New Member Onboarding Experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have multiple divisions/branches. Can they all join under one name?

Yes! Your dues will be calculated based on the total number of full-time equivalent employees that work at each of the divisions/branches that you would like to join. One invoice will be sent to you each year that is based on this total number.

How often will I need to renew my membership?

ERC membership automatically renews every year based on the month in which you joined and the number of full-time equivalent employees that work at your organization. An invoice will be emailed to you 60 days prior to your renewal date.

How many people can access ERC's membership benefits from my organization?

Your ERC membership allows you an unlimited amount of users to access ERC's member benefits! We'll add users when you sign up, and you can even have different users for survey data, membership updates, invoicing and more.