Alexander & Bryce, Inc.

Affirmative Action Plans & OFCCP Compliance Services

Alexander & Bryce will offer ERC members a 5% discount off of the regular pricing for AAP preparation.

Alexander & Bryce is a human resources consulting firm that provides support to employers who are government contractors and subcontractors subject to the broad spectrum of affirmative action obligations covering females, minorities, the disabled, and veterans. They work with employers in meeting all aspects of their compliance obligations with the various regulations as well as advising clients as necessary in their dealings with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

Affirmative Action Plan preparation and OFCCP compliance is the core competency of their practice. They currently work with many different organizations in various phases of affirmative action compliance ranging from AAP preparation (hundreds of AAP's annually) to helping an organization in its dealings with the OFCCP.

They are a team of human resource consultants, statisticians, and affirmative action specialists concentrating on providing the highest level of support to manufacturing, mining, construction, communications, financial, health care, social services, and educational organizations to ensure compliance with federal, state and local affirmative action and EEO obligations.

The majority of their professionals have prior experience as human resource executives in a variety of business enterprises before joining the firm. While they provide the highest levels of support and analysis to all matters, their clients also benefit from their many years of hands-on experience in the private sector.

Contact Information:

Doug Brown
13715 Clover Lake Drive
Chardon, OH  44024