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Benefit Plan Audit Services

Receive your 2015 Benefit Plan Audit at no cost

Skoda Minotti’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Group delivers on the promise of helping your company and your employees get the most value from the benefits you provide.
To help, we have a special offer designed exclusively for you:

  • Skoda Minotti will perform your company’s 2015 employee benefit plan audit at no cost.
  • Skoda Minotti will perform your 2016, 2017 and 2018 employee benefit plan audits for the same fee per year that you were charged for the audit in 2014.

For example, if you were charged $10,000 to complete your 2014 benefit plan audit, we would enter into a four-year agreement at the following fee schedule, including a no-cost benefit plan audit in 2015 and locked-in pricing until 2018:

  • 2015 Audit Fee: NO COST
  • 2016 Audit Fee: $10,000
  • 2017 Audit Fee: $10,000
  • 2018 Audit Fee: $10,000

Please note:

  • This special offer requires a four-year commitment
  • You must provide proof of 2014 benefit plan audit fee quote
  • All new clients are subject to Skoda Minotti’s client acceptance policies and fee analysis
  • Offer good for multiple plans per employer

For more information on this special offer for ERC members, please contact Dani Gisondo at 440-449-6800.

About Skoda Minotti’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Group:

  • Dedicated department focused on providing employee benefit plan services
  • Service both private and public companies
  • Ability to add value and ensure you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities as plan administrator
  • Member firm of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center

Contact Skoda Minotti:

Dani Gisondo
Phone: 440-449-6800
Email: dgisondo@skodaminotti.com
Website: www.skodaminotti.com

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