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Free review of current travel expenditures by market and provider, benchmarked against industry best practices.

Up to $2,000 savings in discovery and implementation expenses. Discounts on leisure travel packages.

Professional Travel is one of the largest and most successful privately-owned travel management companies in the industry. Celebrating more than 50 years in the industry and a consistent executive team and account managers, we leverage technology, industry experience, vendor relations and negotiations to deliver net savings averaging 12% to 17%. And, as the largest Certified Veteran-Owned travel management company in the nation, Professional Travel takes pride in partnerships with other veteran-friendly companies.

Travel is each company’s 2nd or 3rd largest controllable expense. A structured and managed travel program provides the ability to track, analyze and create actionable strategies to maximize your overall savings. Most importantly, your company may have a legal duty-of-care to provide the structure necessary to mitigate dangers and threats wherever your travelers go. In today’s world, everyone needs to be prepared for the next when, not if.

Don’t just take our word for it, let our customers tell you why we have a 99% client-retention rate. We welcome the opportunity to present our company’s solutions to effectively manage your travel program guaranteed to drive down costs while providing superior customer service.

ERC Member Services:

  • Review of current travel expenditures by market and provider
  • Gap Analysis versus Professional Travel preferred carriers
  • Travel Policy review benchmarked against “best practices”

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John Sturm


Resource for You and Your Employees

We spoke with John Sturm, Executive Director of Professional Travel, about why businesses should use a travel management company for travel and the benefits to this preferred partner service.

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