2016 EAA National Executive Compensation Survey

2016 EAA National Executive Compensation Survey

Published: June 2016  |  Effective Date: January 31, 2016  |  Geographic Scope: National  |  Positions Surveyed: 47  |   Coordinated by: Management Association


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Participant Free N/A
Non-Participant $419 $1,799

About the survey

This survey, published in June of 2016, reports annual salaries for 11,796 executives in 47 positions at 1,798 participating organizations throughout the country, including 86 from Northeast Ohio. Breakouts of data are included across five variables including sales volume, employment size, industry, regions, and geographic area, including Northeast Ohio.

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List of positions surveyed

Positions are organized alphabetically by category.

Categories A–G

Engineering & Manufacturing Positions
Director of Engineering
Industrial Engineering Head
Head Research Engineer
Head Product / Development Engineer
Facility Engineer
Chief Manufacturing Executive
Plant Manager
Manufacturing Director (Multi-Facility)
Manufacturing Manager (Single-Facility)
Materials Director
Purchasing Head
Quality Control Head
Finance Positions
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Finance Director (not CFO)
Chief Audit Executive
Corporate Treasurer
Chief Tax Executive
General Executive Positions
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Executive – Multi-Function Responsibility
Chief Operations Executive – Non-Manufacturing
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Categories H–N

Human Resources Positions
Human Resource VP / SVP
Human Resource Director
Compensation & Benefits Director
Chief Staff Legal Counsel
Chief Government Relations Executive
International Positions
Top Supply Chain Executive
Top International Marketing and Sales Executive
Top Sales Executive – Domestic / Foreign Markets
Top International Manufacturing Executive
Non-Profit Positions
Chief Executive – Not-for-Profit
Program Director
Development Director

Categories M–Z

Sales & Marketing Positions
Chief Sales-Marketing Executive
Chief Marketing Executive (Excluding Sales)
Chief Sales Executive / Domestic Markets (Excluding Marketing)
Chief Business Development Executive
Director of Communications
Customer Service Director
General Sales Manager
District Sales Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Product / Brand Manager