FMLA Practices Survey

Published: August 2017 Scope: Northeast Ohio Participants: 101

The FMLA Practices survey reports Northeast Ohio organizations' FMLA practices trends in FMLA administration, certification and notice, usage, and challenges.

The survey was conducted in partnership with CareWorks USA, ERC’s Preferred Partner for FMLA Administration Services.

The survey reports trends in:

  • FMLA administration
  • FMLA certification and notice
  • FMLA usage
  • FMLA challenges

Some of the survey key findings include:

  • The Logistics: The administration of FMLA remains a largely manual tracking process
  • Concurrent Benefits Fill the Gap: Employers virtually always having some other type of benefit running concurrently with FMLA
  • While You Were Out: Employers typically require that employees out on FMLA continue to pay their portion of their insurance premiums
  • Beyond Maternity Leave: "Pregnancy/maternity" leave was the second most common reason for FMLA requests at their organizations
  • Intermittent Leave & Abuse: Over half of the employers in this year’s survey don’t receive notice from employees taking intermittent FMLA until the day on which the absence is going to occur

View the Survey Report:

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