Inclement Weather Practices Survey

Published: December 2017 Scope: Northeast Ohio Participants: 130

This report summarizes the results of ERC’s survey of organizations in Northeast Ohio, conducted in fall of 2017, on their inclement weather policies and practices.

The survey reports several key trends among Northeast Ohio employers including:

  • Polices for closure/delay starts
  • Communication plans
  • Employee absence and tardiness
  • Pay practices during inclement weather

Key findings from the survey:

  • Active communication: When an organization decides to close or delay the start of the work-day, “texting/paging” is, for the first time in ERC’s research on this topic the number one method used to communicate with employees
  • Work from home options: About three-quarters of organizations allow exempt employees to work at home during inclement/adverse weather and only a portion of these employers have specific requirements in order to do so
  • Safety over timeliness: The vast majority of employers forgive tardiness due to weather with no penalties and consider absences during inclement weather “excused” with only a few exceptions
  • Exempt vs. non-exempt pay: Although most employers treat absences for exempt and non-exempt employees almost exactly the same in terms of discipline, they do differ somewhat in their pay practices

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