National Sales Compensation Survey

National Sales Compensation Survey

 Published: November 2017

 Scope: National

 Positions Surveyed: 15

 Effective: July 2017

 Coordinated by: MRA

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About the 2017 EAA National Sales Compensation Survey

This survey reports base pay, variable pay, and total compensation information for 11,709 employees in 15 positions at 838 participating organizations throughout the country, including 33 from Northeast Ohio.

Pay data are reported by types of compensation strategies (including straight salary, straight commission, salary + commission, salary + bonus, salary + commission + bonus, and combined compensation types) and by sales volume, industry, customer type, region, and geographic location, including Northeast Ohio. The survey also reports information on benefits, expense reimbursement, and incentive practices for sales employees.

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Positions Surveyed for the 2017 EAA National Sales Compensation Survey

Sales Management Positions
Top Sales & Marketing Executive
Top Sales Executive
Top International Sales Manager
General Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Trainer
Outside Sales Position
National Accounts Manager
International Sales Representative / Account Executive
Senior Outside Sales Representative / Account Executive
Outside Sales Representative / Account Executive
Junior Outside Sales Representative
Inside Sales Positions
Inside Sales Representative
Senior Inside Sales Representative
Order Processing Supervisor
Routine Sales Position
Route Sales Representative

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