2018 EAA National Sales Compensation Survey

About the 2018 EAA National Sales Compensation Survey

Whether you are trying to decide what and how to pay your top sales executive or your junior sales reps, we know that setting sales compensation can be tough. To help you tackle that challenge we invite you to participate in the survey.


Features of this survey include:
  • Compensation information for 15 sales positions including varying levels of sales managers, outside and inside sales representatives and international sales positions.
  • Commission rate for independent sales reps collected.
  • Reports on four compensation strategies (three types of strategies, plus Combined Compensation which summarizes all three types).
  • Salary reports show base pay, variable pay, and total compensation.
  • Data reported by location (including Northeast Ohio), sales volume and industry type.

Take the Survey

This survey is open to ERC members only and requires a unique participation link for your organization.

If you have not received a unique participation link from ERC and would like to participate:

Email: surveys@yourERC.com
Phone: 440-684-9700.