Wage & Salary Adjustment Survey

Wage & Salary Adjustment Survey

 Published: August 2018

 Scope: Northeast Ohio

 Participants: 134

This Wage & Salary Adjustment Survey reports data from 134 organizations regarding their actual and projected wage and salary adjustments.

Organizations reported their actual wage and salary adjustments for the period between 7/1/18 and 7/1/19.

The projected wage adjustments in this report are an average of all projections provided by organizations that are planning to make adjustments for the period between 7/1/17 and 7/1/18.

The results show several key trends among Northeast Ohio employers in terms of their Wage & Salary Adjustment practices.

The survey report trends in:

  • Pay practices
  • Actual pay increase
  • Projected pay increase
  • Pay adjustment trends

View the Survey Report:


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