2022 ERC Wage Survey Report

Published: May 2022 Scope: Northeast Ohio Participants: 97 Positions Reported: 57 Effective: January 31, 2022

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About the 2022 ERC Wage Survey Report

This survey, published in May of 2022, reports annual hourly pay information for 4,834 individual employees in 57 production, maintenance, warehouse, distribution, and transportation positions from 97 Northeast Ohio organizations.

Rates of pay were reported for the January 15, 2022 – January 31, 2022 pay period. Hourly rates are also reported by number of employees, industry type, annual revenue, county, union affiliation, and years of experience (including new hires).

Wages reported do not include:

  • Overtime
  • Shift differentials
  • Variable pay components

In order to provide the most reliable and accurate information, the wage data was cleaned and any outliers or invalid data were eliminated. All wage data was analyzed using statistical software to ensure data validity and reliability.

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Positions Surveyed for the 2022 ERC Wage Survey

Positions are organized alphabetically by category

Janitor / Custodian
Machine Maintenance Mechanic (Junior)
Machine Maintenance Mechanic (Senior)
Machine Maintenance Mechanic (Entry)
Maintenance Electrician (Junior)
Maintenance Electrician (Senior)
Maintenance Worker – General
Security Guard
Electrician (Junior)
Electrician (Senior)
Building Maintenance Technician
Assembler (Entry)
Assembler (Junior)
Assembler (Senior)
Chemical Mixer
CNC Machine Set Up / Operator (Entry)
CNC Machine Set Up / Operator (Junior)
CNC Machine Set Up / Operator (Senior)
Die Repair
Electronics Assembler (Entry)
Electronics Assembler (Junior)
Electronics Assembler (Senior)
Grinder – External
Injection Molding Machine Operator
Inspector (Entry)
Inspector (Junior)
Industrial Engineer
Laborer (Junior)
Laborer (Senior)
Leader, Assembly Group
Machine Tool Operator (Junior)
Machine Tool Operator (Senior)
Painter – Machine Spray
Press Brake Operator
Production Control Clerk
Production Worker (Junior)
Production Worker (Senior)
Programmer CNC Equipment
Punch Press Operator (Junior)
Punch Press Operator (Senior)
Saw Operator
Team Leader
Tool / Grinder Operator
Tool Crib Attendant
Tool Room Machinist
Tool, Die or Gage Maker (Junior)
Tool, Die or Gage Maker (Senior)
Welder (Entry)
Welder (Junior)
Welder (Senior)
Chemical Operator
Machinist (Entry)
Machinist (Junior)
Machinist (Senior)
Molder / Molding Machine Operator
Printing Machine Operator
Extruder Operator
Painter (Powder Coat)
Warehouse / Distribution / Transportation
Box – Crater
Fork Lift Operator
Receiving and/or Shipping Clerk
Stock Handler / Parts Clerk
Warehouse Worker
Driver I (Light)
Driver II (Local)
Driver III (Heavy)
Order Picker / Selector