Behavioral Interviewing Training

This interviewer skills training course focuses on experiences, behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities that are job related.

Participants in behavioral interviewing training will learn the importance of proper preparation for an behavioral interview, understand and practice the four interview phases of a behavioral interview, discover the best techniques to select employees, and review legal and illegal interview questions. Participants will also learn about the benefits of hiring top performing employees and the cost of hiring mistakes.

What will participants learn from this training?

Talent acquisition and interviewing

Preparing for the behavioral interview

Conducting a behavioral interview

Evaluating candidates

Legal considerations

Who should attend behavioral interviewing training?

  • Hiring managers
  • Recruiters
  • HR professionals
  • Anyone involved in the recruiting or hiring process within their organization

What are the options for delivering this training?

ERC delivers Behavioral Interviewing training in a variety of methods, including at our training center in Ohio, at your organization, and in webinar format. Check out the full details of our delivery methods below.

Train Your Employees:

Contact us about Behavioral Interviewing Training for your employees. We're happy to provide you with more information, pricing, and potential dates.

ERC's Behavioral Interviewing Training Course Delivery Methods

Choose a delivery method that best fits the need for Behavioral Interview training for your organization.

At Your Organization

ERC Training's instructor-led Behavioral Interviewing classroom course can be customized for groups of employees at your organization and brought to your company's location.

In Webinar Format

ERC Training delivers Behavioral Interviewing training in a live, interactive webinar format for groups of employees organizations who need remote access for their participants.


If you have multiple trainers and would like to train them in ERC's Behavioral Interviewing training, we offer a facilitator's kit, leader's guide, certification, and ongoing support.