Critical Thinking Skills Training

Available as Virtual, Instructor-led Training for Your Organization

Critical thinking is a crucial skill required by today’s professionals—in any industry, in any organization size.

With organizations running “leaner and meaner,” individual contributors, managers, and executives alike need to understand how to methodically, strategically, and collaboratively make decisions, solve problems, and foster innovation.

In this highly dynamic workshop, participants will gain greater insight into what it means to not only think critically, but also how to act critically in order to achieve greater organizational success.

Key Learning Points:

  • Define what is meant by “critical thinking” and discuss the applications for critical thinking in the client’s culture and operations (making decisions, solving problems, spearheading initiatives, fostering innovation, etc.)
  • Explore why critical thinking, critical reading, critical analysis, and critical communication skills are crucial to individuals, as well as organizational performance
  • Review strategies for analyzing personal thinking styles and approaches
  • Understand how to adapt to different thinking styles in groups and collaborative environments
  • Discuss communication skills necessary for collaborative critical thinking initiatives
  • Discuss creativity (and how to remove barriers to creativity) as a component of critical thinking initiatives
  • Outline a step-by-step process to target a problem or need, develop questions, gather, assess, and analyze information using a variety of critical thinking methodologies

Who should attend Critical Thinking Skills training:

Anyone at your organization tasked with making decisions (hint: everyone!). People in management roles, problem-solving roles, creative roles or project management roles will learn great insights from this training.

What are the options for delivering this training?

ERC can deliver Critical Thinking Skills training in webinar format or at your organization for large groups of employees in classroom style. Check out the full details of our delivery methods below.

Train Your Employees:

Contact us about Critical Thinking Skills training for your employees. We're happy to provide you with more information, pricing, and potential dates.

Critical Thinking Skills Training Course Delivery Methods

Choose a delivery method that best fits the training needs of your organization.


In Webinar Format

ERC Training delivers this Critical Thinking Skills training course in a live, interactive webinar format for organizations who need remote access.

At Your Organization

ERC Training's instructor-led Critical Thinking Skills courses can be customized for your organization and brought to your company or to a location of your choice.