Manager’s Guide for ERC Training

A key ingredient for the success of any training program is the degree of involvement of an employer’s immediate supervisor. Here is a guide to help your employee get the most out of an ERC Training event.

This guide outlines ideas to help you with planning and executing your room rental.



Prior to the Training Event:

Before the training event, it is important for you to meet with your attending employees well in advance. Allow them time to prepare to be out of the workplace and make contingent plans. Plan to discuss a few things you’d like them to walk away with from this training, and explain why you are sending them to this particular training program. Cover how you expect them to incorporate the new skills learned in the class to the job after training.

A few other things you could cover are:

  • Establish learning objectives for your people. Tie the training into their individual learning plans or their performance review goals
  • Schedule a time to connect after training is complete to discuss what the attendee(s) learned and what actions will be taken

During the Training Event:

There are a few ways you can be involved with the learning process that will help your employee throughout the series.

  • It is always beneficial to have someone in a leadership role to kick off and close the session
  • The manager could consider attending the session as well, but would have to balance that with potentially hindering open-ness if in attendance
  • Communicate any support and encouragement with your employee

After the Training Event:

It’s important that you schedule time to meet with your employees after the training to discuss what they have learned, and how that measured up to what the expectation was coming into the session.

Questions to cover in this meeting could be:

  1. What concepts did you learn that can be applied on the job?
  2. What are the roadblocks to applying these concepts on the job?
  3. What can I do to help support your efforts to use the training?
  4. When can we get back together and review progress?

More Information:

To ensure the best return on your training investment, it’s smart to interact with your employee at three stages of the training process: (1) before training, (2) during training, and (3) after training.

All communication will be made through ERC’s Training Services Practice Coordinator.

Melissa Koren

Pre-Course Worksheet:

Use this worksheet as a resource for yourself, as well as a reference for future conversations with those who attended the training. Be sure that you are providing your employees with the necessary support to apply the skills and knowledge they learned in the training course.

View the Worksheet