Training Methodology & Certifications

ERC uses a proven model to build effective and application-based training that addresses our customers' individual needs.

Our training methodology for organizational training is based on The New World Kirkpatrick Model by James and Wendy Kirkpatrick. This model is a timely update to the popular and well-tested Kirkpatrick Four Levels® proposed by Donald Kirkpatrick in the 1950s. The new model emphasizes that the best way to create a training program is by integrating the four levels of training evaluation—beginning at Level 4 and sequentially moving down towards Level 1.

What is ERC's training methodology process?

  • Business Needs Analysis: We begin the process by conducting an analysis of the perceived training needs and attempt to learn how the training needs support the needs of the business. We spend time building a relationship with key contacts and spend time learning about your company’s culture and goals and how the training will support those goals.
  • Identify Desired Outcomes: We work with you to identify the targeted outcomes and perceived results of the training. This information gives us direction and guides the approach we use to design and develop the structure of the training as well as the program materials.
  • Performance Needs Analysis: We help you uncover the critical behaviors that need to be achieved or changed and work with you to identify who at your company would most benefit from training.
  • Design & Implement the Training: By utilizing the information collected, we can design from scratch when appropriate, or customize a standard program, and implement the training for the identified audience.

Is ERC's training applicable back on the job?

Our goal is to ensure that the knowledge and behaviors that are trained “stick.” We do this by equipping your employees with the tools they need to reinforce and encourage them to use what they have learned back on the job. During the training, we provide self-knowledge checks, to help the learner know how and where to focus their attention throughout the training. We also use a technique called Sync Time after key learnings have occurred in the training, to allow the learner time to reflect on what they have learned and to make plans to apply the information on the job.

Our participant workbooks are designed as structured note-taking guides so that each person can take notes and provide their own examples to help them remember what was taught in class. The participant workbooks can also be used after the training ends, as a reference for models, lists of terms and concepts that the learner wants to retain. In our Series programs, we also reinforce the learning from the previous module at the beginning of the following module to help the learner ‘lock in’ the learning. If we identify any participants who might be struggling with a particular concept , we can spend additional time with them, if requested, to help get them back on track.

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What makes ERC's training programs and courses different?

Our process is fully customizable, and we will work with you to design a program that works best for you.

Customized Participant Materials

We develop customized participant materials as “structured note-taking guides” that serve as a follow-along workbook that participants can write in and make into their own reference document.

Multiple Delivery Options

Our training programs are implemented at the customer site or a site of their choice. All of ERC's training is highly engaging and interactive, as research has shown being involved in one's own learning is a great way to create behavior change back on the job.

Certified & Experienced Trainers

ERC's trainers are certified with some of the most reputable companies within the learning and development community. Below are a few of the certifications that ERC's trainers hold.

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What certifications do the ERC Trainers hold and what is their expertise?

Here are a few certifications that the ERC Trainers hold. Meet the team to learn more about their background.


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