Why Choose ERC?


ERC uses a proven model as a guideline for building effective and application-based training that addresses our customers' individual needs.

We conduct an assessment (or analysis) of each situation, depending on the complexity of the training need we are presented. We then design the appropriate solution, focused on the specific audience we will be working with, and choosing the appropriate tools and techniques that will make the training "stick" and be able to be used immediately on the job.

We develop customized participant materials as 'structured note-taking guides' that serve as a follow-along workbook that participants can write in and make into their own reference document.

Our training programs are implemented at the customer site or a site of their choice. All of ERC's training is highly engaging and interactive, as we believe that being involved in one's own learning is the only way to create behavior change.

ERC has the ability to evaluate at all four of the Kirkpatrick levels of evaluation. However, in most cases, the customer is satisfied with the results from Level 1.


ERC's trainers are certified in some of the most reputable certifications within the learning and development community. Below are a few of the certifications that ERC's trainers hold.

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