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Microsoft Access Training Course

Increase the skills of your staff with Microsoft Access training.

Make them more productive, efficient and confident in using Microsoft Access. We have programs designed for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Users. Courses typically include:

Microsoft Access: Database Overview

This course starts from square one. Relational database concepts and terminology are covered. A basic database is created along with select queries to filter and display data. A preview of forms and reports and when to use each is also covered.

Microsoft Access: Table Design & Relationships

Tables are the backbone of your database. This course focuses on creating tables to maximize data input, validation, and extraction.

Microsoft Access: Queries

This course uncovers the power of Access queries. Basic select queries are covered in addition to powerful action queries, including Append queries, Update queries, Delete queries, and Make Table queries.

Microsoft Access: Form Design

This course covers basic form design in addition to advanced form design, including calculated fields, lookup fields, and toolbox design tools. Discover the advantages of using forms for data entry instead of table datasheets.

Microsoft Access: Reports

This course concentrates on the many ways your data can be presented in a report. Grouping and sorting data are covered, as well as report and field properties. The Report Wizard is introduced, but we go behind the scenes and discover how to create totals, counts, and more.

What are the options for delivering this training?

ERC can deliver Microsoft Access training at your organization for large groups of employees in classroom style, led by an ERC training instructor.

More Information:

Contact us about Microsoft Access training for your employees. We're happy to provide you with more information, pricing, and potential dates.

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What Participants Can Expect from ERC Training:

All Experience Levels

We deliver training for employees, leaders, and managers of all levels of experience.

Interactive Group Activities

Our courses are dynamic and incorporate group discussions and exercises.

Apply Skills on the Job

Participants return to work with the skills necessary to succeed in their role.

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