Negotiation Skills Training

Available as Virtual, Instructor-led Training for Your Organization

Strong negotiation skills help you reach and exceed your own objectives, while bringing mutual satisfaction to all parties.

Participants will examine and discuss fundamental principles of negotiating. They will recognize the impact of communication skills to influence and persuade others as well as develop a negotiating style. The program includes a simulated negotiation in which participants practice their skills, and create a plan for applying these skills in the workplace.

What will participants learn from this training?

Recognize and define requirements for effective negotiating

Apply the principles of persuasion to any negotiation situation

Select appropriate tactics based on strategy and desired outcomes

Know what behavior to adapt at each stage of the negotiation

Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation

Recognize and counter the most common negotiating ploys

Who should attend Negotiation Skills training:

Anyone who uses negotiation skills in their job, including managers, business leaders, line employees and more.

What are the options for delivering this training?

ERC delivers this training in a variety of methods, including in webinar formant and at your organization. Check out the full details of our delivery methods below.

Train Your Employees:

Contact us about negotiation skills training for your employees. We're happy to provide you with more information, pricing, and potential dates.

Negotiation Skills Training Delivery Methods

Choose a delivery method that best fits the training needs of your organization.

In Webinar Format

ERC Training delivers this Negotiation Skills training in a live, interactive webinar format for organizations who need remote access.

At Your Organization

ERC Training's instructor-led Negotiation Skills training can be customized for your organization for large groups of employees.