Bob Skillman

Bob Skillman

Bob Skillman has over 35 years of engineering, management, and Lean Six Sigma training.

Having a degree in metallurgy and extensive graduate studies in statistics, Bob has over 35 years of engineering and management experience in areas such as aerospace, automotive, nuclear, and various service sectors including health care. During his career as a metallurgist, he developed expertise in forging, casting, heat treating, machining, failure analysis, and new alloy development. He has authored two books, one on statistical methods for controlling manufacturing systems and a commissioned book regarding Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing. He is a frequent speaker and author of many technical articles and papers.

His career went from various engineering and quality positions to Vice President. Bob’s corporate career was generally with large Fortune 500 companies. In 1997, he left the corporate world to begin a second vocation as teacher and consultant.

Since beginning his consulting career, he has worked with many corporations, including Harley Davidson, Coca Cola, Parker Hannifin, L’Oreal, Colgate Palmolive, Northrop Grumman, University Hospital System, Altman, Summa Hospitals, and many more. His primary focus is to help companies reduce their production or service costs. This is accomplished through an exhaustive program of carefully connecting the Corporate Strategy to the tactics of Continuous Improvement.

Bob had an opportunity to serve an extensive apprenticeship to study the Toyota Production System with the Shingijutsu Limited Group. This coupled with Corporate Master Black Positions has situated Bob to be one of the leading Lean and Six Sigma experts in the country. He brings a blend of Team Oriented Problem Solving (TOPS), Theory of Constraints, Lean Thinking, and Six Sigma Breakthrough Methods to guide client companies to “Beyond Continuous Improvement.”