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Jackie Mueckenheim ERC Trainer and Keynote Speaker

Jackie Mueckenheim

Senior Trainer & Consultant at ERC

Jacqueline (Jackie) Mueckenheim has extensive experience in developing, designing, and delivering keynote addresses, workshops, and executive retreats for corporate, nonprofit, and academic groups.

Prior to her dedicated learning and development career, Jackie spent over 17 years with The Thomson Corporation (now Thomson Reuters). Working her way through the ranks at Thomson, Jackie progressed from a part-time college intern into the Managing Editor of an international multimillion-dollar-a-year publishing product line.

By drawing on her own experience, expertise, and passion for excellence, Jackie partners with clients to improve overall organizational performance by helping their staff members—executive teams, managers/supervisors, and individual contributors alike—build and strengthen core leadership, communication, and interpersonal relationship skills.

Subject areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Leadership development
  • Management and supervisory skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social and behavioral styles
  • Professional communications, business etiquette, and business writing
  • Customer and client service
  • Multigenerational workplaces and talent development
  • Workplace respect, diversity, and inclusion

Professional certifications include:

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (Case Western Reserve University)
  • DiSC (Wiley)
  • Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency (Tracom)
  • Employee Engagement and Retention (Career Systems International)
  • Business Continuity/Contingency Planning (Cleveland State University)
  • Continuing Education certified instructor (Ohio Board of Nursing and the Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board of the State of Ohio)

Jackie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State University, and a Master of Arts degree from Case Western Reserve University.

As Jackie shares with all her audiences, if you came expecting a class, presentation, or lecture, you’ll be disappointed…rather, Jackie offers participants and audiences an experience, and one that you won’t soon forget!

Speaking Topics

As professionals progress in their careers and “move on up” that corporate ladder, they sometimes lose focus of what really matters—connection with their staff members, at all levels, throughout the organization. No one can be a leader until others follow, and getting others to follow takes time, energy, and focus…and most leaders are already running on empty. But with some simple and meaningful efforts, leaders can move from being someone who gets others’ labor into someone who gets others’ loyalty.

It’s no secret in leadership today that you have to have book smarts (IQ) to gain credibility, and you have to have people smarts (EQ) to gain respect. However, there’s another dimension of excellent leadership that isn’t so apparent—you have to believe in and value establishing real trust (TQ) throughout the organization if you want to stay ahead in your marketplace, among your competition. Why? Because staying ahead means offering the best product or service in your marketplace, which is only accomplished by having the best talent in the industry. And attracting and retaining the best talent requires leaders who understand, embody, and embrace all three!

While we might think everyone knows what it means to “be respectful,” it’s important to remember that what one person considers respectful might be considered completely disrespectful to another. Respect is really a dimension of diversity. In this energetic and human-focused event, participants will develop a greater understanding of what it means to interact with respect, to value diversity and inclusivity in order to build better workplace relationships (with colleagues, co-workers, and customers), to communicate more effectively, and to harness the strategic power of understanding what makes each of us “different” from someone else.

In this fast-paced and time-starved world, people are juggling more and more distractions, priorities, responsibilities, calendar items, and the “stuff of life.” As a result, experts are saying we are losing our sense of civility and courtesy. Why? Frankly, civility and courtesy take conscious effort and with our brains already on overload, we are losing our attention to detail when it comes to human interaction—personal and professional. In addition, technology has eliminated a good deal of human interaction and so when we stop doing something, we fall out of practice. Come prepared to understand some simple strategies to practice choosing civility for more meaningful connection with others (and improve our business bottom line along the way).

With the potential of five different generations working side-by-side in a single organization, leaders and managers are experiencing challenges related to different work styles, what it means to have a “work ethic,” establishing meaningful communication channels, and the role of technology in how we do business. However, with some awareness and “aha” moments, participants will leave with a greater understanding that generations share far more in common than they might think!

The critical first step in establishing your professional presence and shaping your career path is to understand who you are today, where you want to go tomorrow, and how you’re going to get there! In this dynamic and fast-paced event, you will explore “Brand YOU,” the three levels of impression we make on others, and develop a personal plan for the next steps in your professional development plan.

From making a contact, to partnering successfully in the workplace, to getting a new member or customer’s business, you are relying on The Three Cs of successful networking and relationship-building—Communicate, Cultivate, and Collaborate. Learn how to apply savvy communication strategies in order to cultivate meaningful and long-lasting relationships and ultimately to collaborate with others to gain an even greater marketplace presence!

The research behind behavioral styles was undertaken in order to try and simplify the complexity of human behavior for the purpose of helping groups understand how to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate more effectively. What was discovered and has long-since been proven is that human behavior can be divided into four primary behavioral patterns, ways in which we each might typically behave—in other words, our “go to” behavior pattern or style. By understanding these behavior styles, we can more effectively learn how to adapt our own style to work more effectively with others in order to achieve more productive, proactive, and positive results for all!

In our fast-paced, on-demand, and stress-filled environments (personal and professional), individuals who understand what it means to be "resilient" will achieve greater degrees of professional success and personal fulfillment. By understanding the opportunity in challenge and adversity, we all have the power to not only succeed personally, but to serve as models of resiliency to others. If you're looking to shape your leadership potential, there's no greater skill than resiliency!

"Following the industry standards" is no longer what it takes to realize greater growth, gains, and glory with customers. Top organizations, regardless of industry, understand you have to "set the industry standards" if you want to move from customer satisfaction to customer WOW! In this highly-charged and meaningful event, we also explore the difference between customer "service" and customer "attention," as they are not always the same. Come prepared to leave with inspired ideas to impress your customers, improve loyalty, and increase word-of-mouth business development.

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What Organizations Have Said About Jackie Mueckenheim

Struers, Inc.

Jackie was not only knowledgeable and kept us on track but was also pleasant and entertaining, interactive and interesting. She was entertaining and proved to be very knowledgeable in the short session.

Lincoln Electric

Jackie did a great job and kept the program interesting. We highly recommend a similar course for new hires such as email etiquette or appropriate content. We enjoyed Jackie’s enthusiasm and teaching style!

Software Answers

Jackie did an amazing job keeping my attention over the four hour presentation. She has excellent energy and fun examples to keep the class engaged.


Jackie was truly amazing and engaging. She provided insight into our own culture and belief system that will allow us to become better leaders, but more importantly, understanding and compassionate leaders.

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