Shainin Problem Solving Training Course

Shainin Problem Solving Training

Shainin© is a problem solving methodology that differs from traditional problem solving in that some problems are tough and chronic, with no known causes.

This differs from traditional problem solving where the starting point is brainstorming possible causes based on the experience of the participants. Shainin begins with contrasting extremely good and extremely bad outputs (the best of the best and worst of the worst) with the ultimate goal of identifying the most significant cause of the variation, the Red X©.

Key Learning Points:

  • Intro to design of experiments
  • Multi-vari charts
  • Concentration chart
  • Components search
  • Paired comparisons
  • Product/Process search
  • Variables search
  • Full factorials
  • Better vs. current continual improvement technique

Where is this training delivered?

ERC is not authorized to deliver Shainin training, but there may be solutions we can deliver to meet your needs.  Give us an opportunity to learn more about why the Shainin methodology can be a solution for you and we can discuss other tools and methods that could also be helpful.

Train Your Employees:

Contact us about Shainin Problem Solving training for your employees. We're happy to provide you with more information, pricing, and dates.


What Participants Can Expect from ERC Training:

All Experience Levels

We deliver training for employees, leaders, and managers of all levels of experience.

Interactive Group Activities

Our courses are dynamic and incorporate group discussions and exercises.

Apply Skills on the Job

Participants return to work with the skills necessary to succeed in their role.

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