Supervisory Training Programs

ERC is a leading provider of supervisor training. We work with organizations to create a customized training solution, and we deliver the courses nationwide in a variety of formats.

What makes ERC's training program for supervisors different?

  • Application-based training: ERC uses a proven model as a guideline for building effective and application-based supervisor training that addresses customers' individual needs
  • Driven by an organization's needs: ERC conducts an assessment of each situation, depending on the complexity of each organization's training need
  • Customized for each organization: ERC then designs the appropriate training solution, focused on the specific audience, and chooses the appropriate tools and techniques that will make the training "stick" and be able to be used immediately on the job.

Who should attend ERC's Supervisory Training courses?

  • Newly promoted supervisors
  • Supervisors who have been in the role but never received formal training
  • Supervisors who want to develop better management skills and be more effective in their role

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ERC's Supervisory Training Program Deliverables 

Our supervisor development training includes participant guides and evaluations to assess the program's effectiveness. 

What Do Participants Receive?

  • Customized materials: ERC works with organizations to produce materials that are customized to the needs of the organization and the training audience.
  • Structured note-taking guides: ERC develops participant materials as "structured note-taking guides" that serve as a follow-along workbook that participants can write in and make into their own document.

Are Participants Evaluated?

  • ERC can evaluate training participants at all four of the Kirkpatrick levels of evaluation. Level I evaluation is included in the standard pricing.
  • Pre- and post-tests can also be provided to help an organization measure knowledge and assess improvement of the participants after completing supervisor training

Supervisory Training Topics and Courses

Organizations create their own onsite supervisory series by choosing training courses that are most beneficial for their supervisors and managers. Knowledge assessments are included in every module.

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Participants learn how to understand supervisory responsibilities, challenges, and transitional issues. They learn how to demonstrate the attributes of a successful supervisor and make an impact.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Communication Skills


Participants learn how to build relationships in order to develop and enhance communication skills, listening skills, and conversation and nonverbal strategies. An Everything DiSC assessment is included.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Conflict


Participants will gain tools and strategies to manage conflict more positively. They will also learn how to identify conflict styles in themselves and in the employees that they manage.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Managing Performance


Understanding performance and effective feedback motivate participants to engage in performance reviews, share suggestions, and value open communication.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Change


Understanding change and its influence on success allows employees to strengthen interpersonal relationships, manage stress, and handle workplace conditions.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Planning Managing Work


Participants will learn about common obstacles to time management and how to set priorities in order to boost efficiency and productivity as a supervisor and for their employees.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Problem Solving


Participants will gain problem-solving tools and techniques for implementation. They will also learn how to identify the problem, analyze it from multiple perspectives and solutions.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Leading Teams (1)


Participants will learn about team development and its effect on the success of an organization. They will also learn how to build a purposeful team culture within an organization.

Supervisory Images 401x226-Generational Differences (1)


Participants will learn how to discuss respectful and generationally-diverse workplaces, increase awareness of diversity in workplaces, and leverage differences to build strength and success.

An Employment Law course is also available for Ohio-based companies. Participants will learn how to better understand their legal landscape and how this can affect management, employees, and organizations.
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We train supervisors and managers at organizations of all sizes and industries:

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What are other companies saying about ERC's Supervisory Training Program?

Equity Trust in Westlake, OH

"I appreciate ERC’s time and dedication to making our employees more informed and more comfortable in knowing what’s expected of them regarding proper behavior, etiquette, and respect in the workplace through ERC's Supervisory Training Certificate Series."

– Tiffany LaSavage, PHR, Training Supervisory

Silverado Care in Irvine, CA

"When I approached ERC to help design a new training solution, they were incredibly responsive to our requests, sensitive to our company culture, and open to the dialogue required to make our training the best experience for our employees. Their materials were engaging, creative, and easy to implement and sustain. The ERC team was with us through every step of the way with clear, friendly, and open communication!"

– Jim Farmer, Manager, Organizational Development

Struers in Cleveland, OH

"Our ERC Supervisory Training instructor was not only knowledgeable and kept us on track but was also pleasant and entertaining, interactive, and interesting. She was entertaining and proved to be very knowledgeable throughout the training sessions. We all loved the related clips shown throughout the sessions—they were very relatable."

– Alison Lunsford, Supervisor

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