Thanks for your interest in Supervisory Training!

The training is built for groups of 10 or more supervisors and is designed to allow participants to assess their current knowledge and explore new skills, strategies, and tools to apply in their leadership roles.

An ERC representative will contact you shortly to further discuss the curriculum, pricing, and delivery methods. In the meantime, we also encourage you to learn more by viewing the Supervisory brochure

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What's included in Supervisory Training:

Participant Materials

Each participant is given a guide filled with checklists, scenarios, charts, and notes. This is used for developing the supervisor's education during the course and is a great tool when returning to the workplace.

Instructor Materials

Each trainer is provided with a guide filled with discussion topics, questions for participants, scenario examples to engage the supervisors, and suggested time to be allocated to activities.

Presentation Slides

Each trainer is also provided with a PowerPoint presentation that features group activities, charts, and tables. This presentation brings the participant guide and instructor materials together.