Available as Virtual, Instructor-led Training for Your Organization

SOCIAL STYLE training develops interpersonal skills that lead to higher performance for both the individual and the organization.

Participants will become aware of the workplace behaviors and communication preferences that directly affect the ability of employees to work together effectively.

Through the use of self and multi-rater assessments participants will learn how to recognize these behavioral preferences and adjust their own behaviors to develop more productive working relationships.

What will participants learn from this training?

Understand the SOCIAL STYLE model

Debrief feedback from individual and others

Manage tension levels to improve productivity

Address “back up” behaviors

Understand versatility and how it improves performance

ERC offers three options for SOCIAL STYLE training:

  1. In a live, interactive webinar format for organizations who need remote access.
  2. Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE is a half-day workshop that covers the basics of this concept
  3. Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences® is a full-day workshop that takes the basic components and adds additional learning and skill building practice


Train Your Employees:

Contact us about SOCIAL STYLE training for your employees. We're happy to provide you with more information, pricing, and potential dates.

What Participants Can Expect from ERC Training:

All Experience Levels

We deliver training for employees, leaders, and managers of all levels of experience.

Interactive Group Activities

Our courses are dynamic and incorporate group discussions and exercises.

Apply Skills on the Job

Participants return to work with the skills necessary to succeed in their role.