Executive Coaching Offered by the Women's Leadership Institute

Get the support needed to add and advance women in organizations. Our team of certified executive coaches can facilitate the change process working with executives, other organizational leaders, and women as they continue to advance.

Organizational change is difficult. Research shows that intentional change happens when executives are committed and provided feedback on the impact of the change process and their critical role as stakeholders. However as leaders, executives rarely receive open and honest feedback.

Our team of certified executive coaches provide the support that executives and other organizational leaders need to be successful when leading intentional change. This is especially important as organizations seek to include more women across all levels of the organization.

Our team also offers executive and developmental coaching specifically for women or other under-represented groups. This coaching has been found to be transformative for any role in the organization including key entry-level positions to the executive suite.

Individuals, teams, and/or organizations can request coaching. A customized approach will be developed for each specific request.

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