Talent Analytics Offered by the Women's Leadership Institute

Enable improved business decision-making using data-informed insights.

Our team leverages talent analytics to add and advance women in your workplace. Talent analytics is used to increase business performance by applying scientific methodologies combined with data, to understand and even predict human behavior.

  • Who are your top performers and what characteristics identify them?
  • Are female top performers likely to experience the organization differently than their male colleagues?
  • Does race, ethnicity, age, and tenure, or other individual factors, impact your organization’s identification of top performers?
  • How do you empower and motivate employees, and do they experience motivation differently by gender, age, tenure or other individual factors?
  • Do you understand how employee engagement impacts the top line performance of your organization? Can you predict when an employee will choose to leave your organization?
  • What factors are most likely to lead to success in team across the organization?

These questions and more can be answered using Talent Analytics. Our team will assess and use data to create actionable recommendations and support for your organization to leverage talent analytics to improve business performance.

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