Workplace Best Practices/Benchmarking Offered by the Women's Leadership Institute

Workplace practices and procedures impact an organization’s ability to recruit, retain, and advance women. The ERC WLI offers specific guidelines to update workplace practices and can provide benchmarking data on effectiveness.

Policies and procedures impact the achievement of women in the workplace. Your organization will grow and prosper when all of your employees are provided the workplace support needed to achieve. ERC can review your organization’s workplace policies and procedures and recommend updates that ensure more women have the same opportunities as men to successfully perform their role and grow with your organization. Emphasis will be placed on those factors that will make the most impact.

ERC’s consultants have over 20 years of hands-on corporate and direct consulting experience and are supported by ERC’s wealth of local, regional and national survey data.

Workplace Best Practices Consulting Services:

Creating a Talent Pipeline

Design and/or improve methods for seeking female talent. Provide opportunities that attract attention from the candidates you are seeking.

Recruiting Strategy

Update recruiting strategies to increase the number of women who apply and are successfully recruited by your organization.

Work-Life Policies

A thorough review of policies and procedures related to work-life balance will enable the organization to recruit and retain top talent across all demographics.

Retention and Advancement

Update policies that lead to the successful retention and advancement of women in your organization.

Organizational Assessments

Identify areas which are limiting women’s achievement in your workplace. Once the assessment is complete, our experts offer specific solutions that focus on the organization’s specific goals.

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