Keynote Presentations Offered by the Women's Leadership Institute

Keynote Presentations Offered by the Women's Leadership Institute

The ERC WLI offers keynotes and workshops with topics related to women’s workplace achievement.

Keynote presentation topics include:

Inspiration from Within: The Power of a Personal Vision

  • Women spend their time and energy managing the multiple demands of life, worrying about everyone but themselves. What happened to the dreams and desires women have for themselves?
  • Learn about the power of having a personal vision and why it is especially important for women to focus on their own dreams and desires
  • Identify specific strategies women can use to articulate their dreams and develop a holistic vision of a life that includes relationships, career, fun, health and more

Believing and Achieving

  • The importance of women’s confidence and belief in themselves and workplace achievement
  • Understanding the Imposter Syndrome
  • Strategies to increase confidence and your belief in yourself to achieve

Is it Possible to Be Authentic and Be a Woman Leader?

  • Executive Presence, Personal Branding, and Professionalism are topics often marketed specifically to women. But can a woman have executive presence or a personal brand and still be authentic?
  • Women will learn how to determine if and when to go against their natural inclinations
  • Practical strategies will be discussed on how to be a professional while being authentic as a woman leader

The Business Case for Women in Leadership

  • Women continue to be under-represented in all levels of leadership despite the growing body of evidence that shows a strong business case for gender equity
  • Learn about how organizations with more women in leadership show improved financial performance, greater levels of innovation, higher levels of employee retention and more
  • Practical strategies will be discussion on how to advance more women

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