Communication Skills for Women Training

Communication skills are essential for success in any workplace. Research shows that women often have different skills and communication styles than their male colleagues.

Often times in the workplace women are not heard, are more likely to be interrupted, and if they do speak up they are often disliked for their assertiveness. This program focuses on building communication skills and competences that allow women to achieve in the workplace.

The session begins with an overview of the research that describes difference in communications styles and how gender impacts communication. An assessment of each participant’s communication skills will be completed. A discussion of the strengths and opportunities revealed by the assessment will be included. The program will end with exercises designed to increase awareness and optimize communication skills to increase participants’ success in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

  • Understand how communication is impacted by gender
  • Discuss the importance of communication and how individual’s styles and skills impact workplace achievement differently for women than their male colleagues
  • Identify strengths and opportunities regarding communication
  • Recognize when and how to optimize communication
  • Develop skills to improve communication in specific workplace situations

Who Should Attend

This offering has been designed for women in the workplace.

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What makes ERC's Women’s Leadership Development programs different?

Experienced Faculty

ERC WLI faculty are not only engaging and gifted facilitators, they are experienced business leaders, consultants, and researchers. Because our team has done the research and worked in various leadership roles within organizations, we understand how to overcome the barriers unique to women leaders. Faculty have held leadership positions in the following industries: Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Technology, Professional Services, and more.

Business Impact

ERC recognizes the complex and multi-level barriers facing women in organization. ERC not only offers programs for women, but for leaders and everyone in an organization. All of the offerings from the ERC WLI specifically address the positive business impact of adding and advancing women.

Ongoing Support

ERC understands that there are many one-day classes and conferences focused on women’s leadership development. While these provide great ideas for women, no other offering provides an institute dedicated to women’s leadership development with the resources to provide on-going support and updated, proven strategies.

Leading Provider

For over 60 years, ERC has been a leading provider of talent development strategies, including training programs that have effectively developed leaders at all levels across the globe.


ERC offers research-based programs that have been designed by experts in women’s professional and leadership development and have proven to be successful.