Hiring in 2014: 3 Online Trends to Watch

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Hiring in 2014: 3 Online Trends to Watch

Is your organization looking to hire new employees in 2014? If so, here is a quick look at some of the online trends in recruiting that were seen in 2013 and are likely to stick around through 2014 and beyond.

1: Online Career Centers

Perhaps the most well established recruiting option on this list, nearly 50% of all organizations have some type of online career center on their website. More non-manufacturing organizations’ websites have an online career center (53%) compared to manufacturing organizations (40%).

Although online career centers have been around longer than other avenues such as social media or mobile recruiting platforms, their popularity seems to have leveled off right around the 50% mark over the past few years.

With more online options cropping up, organizations no longer need to rely solely on their own traditional online internal career boards for recruitment.
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