5 Things Non-Exempt Employees Must Be Paid For Under FLSA

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Under the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), there are certain activities beyond normal work duties that are considered work time (otherwise known as "working hours") that must be paid or "compensable" for covered employees. These include waiting/on-call time; lactation breaks; rest and meal periods; lectures, trainings, and meetings; and travel and are described below.

5 Things Non-Exempt Employees Must be Paid for Under FLSA

1. Waiting/On-Call Time

Whether waiting/on-call time should be compensable depends on whether an employee is engaged to wait or waiting to be engaged. If the employee is engaged to wait or on call for work on the employer's premises and is restricted in activities, he/she should be paid. If the employee is waiting to be engaged, this time is not considered work time and is not compensable.
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