Do Companies Request Salary History Information From Job Applicants?

Do Companies Request Salary History Information From Job Applicants? View the Poll Results

You’re filling out a job application and just as you’re about to hit “submit”, you see the dreaded “Please provide the salary for your current position” question. Plus, it has a little red asterisk next to it, so you know you are going to have to answer it to even be considered. Well in recent years a combination of case law and statewide and local statutes are beginning to change that practice, or at least removing that pesky red asterisk.

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Are You Wage-Fixing? Discussing Salary With HR Friends Could Turn Sour

Talking To Industry Friends: Are You Saying Too Much?

We all do it with our counterparts in the industry…we share stories about that uncomfortable discussion that we had to have with an employee, ask our friends how they have handled sensitive situations, and grumble about our never-ending to-do list. However, are you also talking  to people at other organizations about employee salaries? Are hiring or compensation conversations coming up during networking events?  Remember that these discussions could land you in hot water!

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FLSA Recap: Event with the U.S. Dept. of Labor

FLSA Overview: Recap of an Event with the United States Department of Labor

ERC held an FLSA Update overview and Q&A event with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in 2016. Joann Moriarty, from the DOL’s Wage & Hour Division, gave a very thorough and detailed presentation addressing some of the questions HR professionals have about the upcoming FLSA change. Here is a quick recap of what was presented and discussed:

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2016 Pay for Ohio Employers

2016 salary increase projections Is Your 2016 Pay Adjustment Competitive Among Northeast Ohio Employers?

While everyone else is in back-to-school mode these days, in the world of HR, August means one thing—time to start thinking about pay adjustment projections for next year.

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Is IT Salary Growth Keeping Pace with Job Demand?


With much discussion in 2014 over what city will be the next Silicon Valley, it seems as if every job market is trying to get its share of high tech industry investment, and along with the companies, a share of the tech talent needed to make these companies successful.

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4 Tips for Reading and Analyzing Salary Ranges

creating a salary structure

A key aspect of any healthy compensation plan is transparency. Due to the potentially charged nature of pay, very few organizations share the individual rates of pay for each employee, but there are certainly other ways to help your employees understand how and why their paychecks are what they are even if you aren’t quite ready to email your payroll out to the whole office.

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How to Set Compensation in 5 Easy Steps

Salaries are a business investment, and in order to make sure that you set fair and competitive compensation for jobs it’s important to use a structured method for setting compensation as opposed to choosing a random salary or simply using one salary survey or compensation source.

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