Samantha Vance Joins ERC as Research Associate

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Highland Heights, Ohio – ERC, the 100-year-old human resource organization that provides training, HR consulting and support, coaching and assessments, and research services, is pleased to announce that Samantha Vance has joined the company as Research Associate.

In her role, Sam works with data to provide employers insights into practices that create and support great workplaces. She designs, analyzes, and interprets surveys and assessments across all practice areas and for the NorthCoast 99 awards program. 

Sam also offers project support both internally and to our clients in survey creation. She analyzes quantitative and qualitative data, performs statistical analysis, interprets results, makes recommendations, and drafts reports. 

Since March of 2019, Sam has served as a part-time research intern for ERC.

“We’re thrilled to have Sam join ERC full time and contribute to our research practice,” said Senior Vice President Carrie Morse. “We’ve been so impressed by her quality of work and professionalism over the past year.”

Sam has been particularly instrumental in analyzing and synthesizing benchmarking data as well as top-performer data for the NorthCoast 99 awards program. 

“Sam has already made notable contributions on the research team and for NorthCoast 99. I’m confident that she will continue to add value to our team and to our clients,” said Margaret Brinich, Manager of Surveys & Research.

“I love ERC, and I’m excited to join the company full time! Our work has such a meaningful impact on Northeast Ohio employers. It’s an honor to support our research team and make a difference in this capacity,” said Sam.

Sam earned her master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology research from Cleveland State University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in business administration from Ohio University.

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